Social Media Lead trackingSocial media is a vital marketing resource for businesses in any industry. With several billion social media users worldwide, companies are investing big bucks to build and maintain social media platforms to promote their brands and keep up with their customers.

Social media has proven to be an effective lead generation tool for all types of businesses. When done right, social media marketing provides invaluable lead tracking capabilities and a return on investment (ROI).

The Benefits of Lead Tracking on Social Media Platforms

Social media lead tracking simply refers to the process of monitoring who is interacting with your brand on social media and categorizing those leads based on how they interact with your brand. Social media lead generation focuses on attracting customers to your brand through various forms of advertising. Then, lead tracking monitors how your leads interact with your brand after showing initial interest.

Tracking leads on social media platforms is a worthwhile investment for companies with a prominent social media presence. Today, there are many Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools that businesses can use to track activity on their channels. In addition, social media platforms themselves offer various analytic tools to help companies track leads.

How to Track Leads on Social Media

Every business needs social media channels to spread the word about their brand, glean information about potential conversions and fine-tune future marketing strategies. Before you start tracking leads on your social media channels, make sure you have an effective social media management platform and a team that is dedicated to that platform. This social media management platform should offer analytics tools to help inform your overall marketing strategy. Without an established platform, businesses could miss out on valuable lead information.

Another step in tracking social media leads involves merging your social media management platform with marketing automation tools. This way, companies can more easily track each lead’s journey from social media platforms to the company’s website or other channels. The more you know about your company’s prospective customers’ journeys, the better you can tailor your marketing processes.

The number of people visiting your social media channels is an important factor in judging the success of marketing strategies. In addition, it’s important to monitor other metrics tracked by social media management tools, such as knowing where your leads are coming from, how many times they visit your webpage and where they go from there. Social media can be a groundbreaking lead source for businesses and deliver an excellent ROI if managed correctly.

Learn More About Social Media Lead Tracking Software

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