SuiteMaster – Sales Pipeline Management

Turbocharge your Sales Forecast


SuiteMaster’s next-generation pipeline management software tracks the sales team pipeline in real-time. The system provides a clear view into your company’s sales forecast. You can predict with confidence; which deals are at risk, how your pipeline might be impacted, and what opportunities to focus on.

SuiteMaster’s sales management component allows you to manage opportunities and formalize the entire sales process into a structured and easy-to-understand system. It gives you the ability to project new deals, better manage existing opportunities, and increase your sales team’s close ratios.


SuiteMaster – Pipeline Basics   


1. Pipeline management at its best:

Better qualify your potential deals.​  Captures ​meaningful interactions within unified channels – sales note updates, emails, phone calls, SMS, conferences and more. 

2. Clear views that help strategize deals:

Accurate forecasting includes updated views within your CRM database.  Fully integrated software allows you to review key information. This help you to focus on determining the steps needed to close the deal. SuiteMaster’s pipeline application automatically records, logs, and tracks all your calls within the SuiteMaster CRM module. 

3. Eyes on the pipeline:

SuiteMaster’s sales module identifies deal risks early to prevent fall out.  Deals can be tracked based a decision maker’s engagement. Is these a stream of scheduled activities, or has the opportunity stalled? 

4. Stop losing winnable deals:

Our system will help you identify existing customers with add-on sales opportunities using our sales pipeline module. It will also allow your sales team to focus on deals that have the greatest probability of converting into a customer.  

5. Keep a pulse on the pipeline:

SuiteMaster alerts you on deals that may be going south – non response, no follow-up actions, a new competitor, a prospect not responding, or no scheduled next steps. Shore up your pipeline management and close more business.

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