Other Industry Solutions

Multi-Industry Solutions

LeadMaster Solutions Group has worked across most industries to provide applications and consulting advice. Some of  our other business expertise includes State and Local Government, Franchises, High Tech, Telecommunications, Non-Profit, Hospitals, and Offshore Oil and Gas platforms.

Our business software applications are highly customizable and provide teams with complete cloud-based business software. They can be tailored specifically to your sector, your unique business situation, and your operational requirements.

Each industry is different, there is no cookie-cutter solution. Our deep experience within almost every industry means we have probably already created a customized solution for your needs – and if we haven’t, you can count on us to create one for you.

Enjoy better control over and insights into the  critical business areas.

Small and Mid-Sized Businesses

Many small businesses use our core business software every day to help manage their daily operations. LeadMaster can be is the perfect solution for most small or medium business on a budget.


For  insurance, our web-based and secure sales tracking and lead management software gives you the power to organize your leads, distribute them automatically, and follow up fast, giving you the edge over your paper-bound rivals.


Whether you’re a manufacturer, physician group, hospital or provider, healthcare is moving at lightning speed.  Our comprehensive set of healthcare applications will to get exactly what you need to match your specific business requirements.

Mortgage and Debt

LeadMaster business automation tools help organize your mortgage and loan teams. Our software assists in the processes of coordinating tasks, following up with prospects, nurturing leads, and more. We can help you measure ROI on your marketing campaigns.

Marketing and Advertising

Show greater value to your clients. Imagine delivering creative work bundled with a marketing automation tool that explains your revenue impact. Helping customers manage their marketing leads with our online business lead tracking tool for advertising and marketing will aid you in securing a long-term relationship.

Call Center

Whether you’re a manufacturer, physician group, hospital or another healthcare provider, the industry is moving at lightning speed to go electronic. Join the revolution. With our custom forms, as well as online sales tracking and management tools for the healthcare industry, you’ll get exactly what you want from your CRM solution — and so much more.


Counselors must have the tools to compete with other schools. LeadMaster’s  web-based applicant and lead management system will keep your team and on point. Our system works, from the moment a prospective student visits your website, through enrollment. 

Manufacturing and Distribution

Manufacturing companies need a comprehensive and integrated business system that touches all departments. LeadMaster Solutions Group provides cost effect software for ERP/MRP, inventory, sales, marketing, HR and much more. 

Real Estate

In the manufacturing field, sales lead management requires software that profits all parties involved with the sales process. From all teams involved, LeadMaster helps you distribute necessary information with our lead tracking system for manufacturing and distribution.

Don’t See Your Industry on This List?

No problem! We’d be happy to talk with you about a solution for your individual needs, whether you’re interested in a marketing automation or lead tracking system for your business. Contact us at 1-800-699-4164 or test drive our free demo to see how versatile and customizable LeadMaster really is.