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With the incredible power of the LeadMaster lead management system, you can easily monitor, track, and manage all of your leads.  No more lost leads!  Whether you’re dealing with 5 or 5 million leads; LeadMaster is the ideal tool. You get a complete 360-degree view and to help turn leads into sales you get lead nurturing. Top salespeople know they need effective tools to manage their pipelines. LeadMaster puts all these tools at your fingertips including real-time online dashboards to manage all of your contacts, customers, and leads.  Here are some ways to help you fill your pipeline.

With LeadMaster you have tons of options for acquiring leads.

Buying leads is one of the easiest ways to get highly qualified leads entered automatically into your database.  At the right you’ll see a list of companies that are integrated with LeadMaster.

Buy a list is an easy way to get a large list of prospects.  TelephoneLists.Biz

Build a list using filter criteria to focus on specific prospects.  ListGiant.com

Find specific contacts when you already know the accounts you want to go after.  SeamlessAI

Capture anonymous website visitors when they don’t fill out a form on your website.   Lead-Xtreme

Capture website visitors when they fill out a form on your website.  Several tools to choose from: Gravity Forms Plugin, Contact7 Forms Plugin, Post Webservice and more.

Capture advertising leads whether you’re advertising on FaceBook, Google, Linkedin or somewhere else all of those leads can automatically flow into your database.  No more importing leads!

Remember, when the leads flow into the LeadMaster system the prospect can automatically receive an introductory email, the lead can automatically be assigned to a rep and that rep can get an email and text message to let them know about the new lead.  Be the first to contact your new leads and your chances of winning the business increase dramatically!

Website Integration

You have 4 choices when it comes to sending data from your website forms into your LeadMaster CRM.

• Map Website Forms to Custom Forms
For this, your webmaster needs access to the websites <head>,<body>, and <form> tags in order to add some snippets of code that we will create the connection between the website and LeadMaster. This will allow the data to enter LeadMaster when someone submits the form.

If your forms are able to push data via HTTP Post, we can gather and send the correct field mapping details, credentials for the post, and URL to send the post for your webmaster.   For example we have a WordPress Plugin which enables Gravity Forms to connect this way. There are similar plugins for other types of forms such as Contact Form 7, etc.

• Email Parse
If you receive an email each time someone fills out the form, and the email’s “FROM” address and layout of the Message are consistently the same, our parsing expert can create a parse that will push the data into LeadMaster.

• Zapier Integration
If you have a Zapier account and you can find your form’s integration in Zapier, then you can connect it to LeadMaster so that when someone fills the form out, Zapier will push the data into LeadMaster.

Big Bang Marketing Legal, Medical, Dental, Finanacial & E-Commerce Based Business Leads Nick Ryan
NorthStar Group “Tailored-for-you” Eric Knudsen, President
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Alarm.com Home Security Leads 877.389.4033
All Web Leads Auto, Home, Health & Life Insurance Leads 888.522.7355
Auto Cricket Automobile & Insurance Leads 1.888.316.2226
Autotrader Transportation Leads 866.288.6872 (866-AUTOTRADER)
Billy.com Contractor Leads 855.224.5599
Buyer Zone 100+ Categories to Choose From 888.393.5000
Car Gurus Transportation Leads user_support@cargurus.com
Cars.com Transportation Leads 855.871.0557
Clean Energy Experts Solar Power Leads 888.630.6690
Contactability Auto, Home, Life, Health and Commercial Insurance Leads 877.323.7750
Double Positive Mortgage, Education, Home Services, Healthcare, Automotive, & Insurance Leads 888.376.7484
eBizAutos Transportation Leads 800.987.3249
eGenerations Marketing Social Security Disability, Personal Injury, and Workers’ Comp Leads 617.800.0089
EverQuote Auto, Home, Rental, Life, Health & Commerical Insurance Leads 855.522.3444
Franchise.com Franchise Leads 800.898.4455
Franchise Direct Franchise Leads 844.294.6258
Franchise Gator Franchise Leads 877.734.2867
FreeRate Mortgage Leads 844.326.3442
HomeAdvisor Home Remodeling Leads 877.800.3177
Home Bulletin Moving Leads
HomeFinder Real Estate Leads info@homefinder.com.
Home Town Quotes Insurance Leads 800.820.2981
Homes.com Real Estate Leads 888.651.8956
Iconic Results Live Transfer – Education, Debt, Auto, Education, Home Services, Insurance & Mortgage Leads 480.739.2071
InsuranceLeads.com Auto, Health, Life and Home Insurance Leads insidesales@insuranceleads.com
Insurance Quotes Auto, Home, Health, Life & Business Insurance Leads 877.828.9792
Lead Discovery Tax, Debt, Credit, Foreclosure Leads 760.295.4956
Leading Response Legal, Elective Medical, Senior Living and Financial Service Industries Leads (800) 660-2550
LeadPoint Mortgage, Personal Loan or other big-ticket Leads 866.832.8156
LeadRival Personal Injury, Workers’ Comp, Social Security Disability, Foreclosure, DUI Leads 800.332.8017
LoanBright Mortgage Leads 303.679.0552
Moving.com Moving Leads 800.248.MOVE (6683)
Network Moving Moving Leads 866.889.2414
Parasol Leads Insurance Leads 888.778.0410
QuinStreet Insurance, Personal Loans, Home Services, Education Leads 650.578.7632
Quote Runner Targeted to your business 866.265.4006
QuoteWizard a LendingTree Company Auto, Home, Life, Health Insurance Leads 855.462.5309
Realtor.com Real Estate Leads 800.878.4166
Salvage Parts Auto Parts Leads 336.506.7449
SelectHub Technology Leads 855.850.3850
Software Advice Technology Leads 844.687.6771
Solar Reviews Solar Power Leads 844.442.5029
SunLynk Solar Power Leads
WheelHouse Technology Leads info@wheelhouse.com
zBuyer Real Estate Leads 800.379.5559
Zillow Real Estate Leads 855.657.6610
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