Inside Sales Software To Boost Productivity


Inside sales teams need an easy-to-use CRM solution that capitalizes on sales calling efforts. LeadMaster’s call centric solution pays off by uncovering and handling more deals that convert into sales. It can also automatically nurture longer term leads for future conversion.

LeadMaster Inside Sales Software — Optimizing Your Entire Sales Process

Inside sales — as well as remote & virtual sales — are growing at a rate that’s 15 times higher than outside sales, so it’s no surprise that sales call CRM solutions are a hot topic for businesses of all sizes across all major markets.

Of course, not all sales call software is created equal. That’s why choosing LeadMaster’s sales call management software — based on our more than two decades of experience supplying companies with all-in-one inside sales solutions — is such a smart business move.

With user-friendly simplicity and an intuitive design focused on enhanced lead management, callers log into LeadMaster via the web, access customized sales scripts and calling lists. They use checkboxes to enter results, disposition contacts and automatically forward leads out to sales reps. With extensive data mining and campaign analysis, LeadMaster’s reporting system provides critical ROI information on which programs, and reps, are delivering results.

Perfect Your Inside Sales Process With The Smart Queue

The Smart Queue provides the ability to organize prospects and customer records from different sources and automatically serve them up to an inside sales team in prioritized order. Call teams enter a pre-defined Smart Queue and the system intelligently determines which call records will have the highest priority (score) and begins to deliver those with the highest score to the agent.

Especially for teams that are tasked with outbound calls, Smart Queue provides substantial time savings. It eliminates the need to train team members on how to prioritize leads, and it replaces the manual scheduling of callbacks with automated efficiency. In practice, your overall productivity will improve with every call you make.

Adaptable to the Needs of Your Business

You don’t have to be a business expert to know that paying for something you don’t use or that doesn’t meet your expectations makes no sense. One of the many benefits of LeadMaster is that it’s fully scalable and customizable for your specific needs.

When it comes to budgets and bottom lines, LeadMaster makes perfect sense. It requires no capital investment, no support costs and no long-term commitment. You pay only for what you use. Plus, LeadMaster provides flexibility to change your service level whenever you want.

Choosing a Sales Call Management Software

LeadMaster offers Call Center Solutions with many distinct advantages:
Web-Based – Easy access for agents working from home or in multiple locations around the world.

Marketing Automation and Business Rules– Easily to configure with powerful results. Let the system do the work while your agents spend more time selling.

Customized and Quickly Deployed – No downtime waiting for equipment and software installations.

Affordable Subscription– Low monthly fee-per-user instead of a complicated call center infrastructure.

Radically Intuitive –Train your phone team and get them selling in just 1-hour.

Integrated Telephony Solutions

In addition to integrating with most VOIP providers, LeadMaster also offers LeadMaster Voice, a joint solution with EVS to provide you with the latest in digital telephony. The EVS softphone features include:

  • A Click Dialer digital softphone makes phone numbers live links. Simply click on any phone number in LeadMaster and your digital softphone automatically dials the number. This enhancement is a great productivity booster.
  • Play Pre-Recorded Messages – Great for answering machines or voice mail. It saves time and you don’t have to say the same thing over and over again. You’ll never be at a loss for words when you have to leave a message. Plus, while your pre-recorded message is playing you can move on to the next call!
  • Record Conversations – Record your conversations onto your hard drive or web storage like Google Drive.
  • Place Calls on Hold – Your customers don’t really want to hear your discussions with colleagues.
  • 3-way call transfer
  • Call monitoring & Coaching including barge in and whisper mode
  • You can get a complete phone switch in the cloud for both inbound and outbound calling – including IVR and sophisticated call routing.

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