LeadMaster Voice

Dial More Numbers, Respond Faster to Leads, and Make More Money

LeadMaster CRM Plus VOIP Service From EVS = LeadMaster Voice

  • Unlimited Calls to the USA and Canada
  • Month to month billing with no contract
  • For a fixed fee

Efficient Outbound and Inbound Call Management and Dialing

Manual dialing uses up valuable selling time, and it means you take longer to respond to leads. With our LeadMaster Voice service you get all the benefits of the powerful but easy-to-use LeadMaster CRM system, plus the added efficiency of automated dialing. Just click on a number on your LeadMaster screen to dial.

Your caller ID can be any 10-digit American or Canadian phone number. If the call is answered you can start talking immediately. If you get a voicemail just click to leave a pre-recorded message and move on immediately to the next call.

With this system your sales team will get through more calls in a day so they’ll be able to close more sales. Start your free trial now.

LeadMaster CRM Features

  • Easy-to-use– the system is fast to implement and is easy to learn and use. You can also customize it to your requirements
  • Worldwide use– your agents can call clients in the US or Canada from anywhere in the world
  • Customer and prospect information– easily access and update contact information and client history
  • Opportunity management– everything that is needed is on a single page so your team can focus on the sale
  • Lead nurturing– move leads through your sales funnel until they are ready to buy
  • Business intelligence dashboard– everything you need at your fingertips including your pipeline, new leads, sales forecasts, and sales stage summaries. The dashboard is customizable
  • Email and calendar synchronization– the system includes a built-in email system and it synchronizes seamlessly with Microsoft Outlook and Google Calendar
  • Marketing automation– to handle essential but repetitive tasks
  • Reports– analyze your performance, forecast your sales, plan for the future, and grow your business

Dialer Features

  • Unlimited VOIP calls– no strings attached unlimited inbound and outbound calls in the USA and Canada
  • Local or toll free numbers– you get a local or toll free number with your license
  • Inbound screen pop ups – when a call comes in the system recognizes the caller’s number and displays their information on your screen
  • Progressive and preview outbound dialing– dial instantly by clicking a number or updating a record
  • No delays or dropped calls– you will hear the person answering the phone immediately so you can respond quickly and naturally. In addition we have functionality that eliminates dropped calls.
  • Call transfers– transfer a call to any number in the US or Canada
  • Conferencing– hold conference calls with any number/s in the US or Canada
  • Chat (instant messaging) functionality– for speedy communication among members of your team
  • Call recording– record conversations with a single click to a local or network drive like Google Drive
  • Pre-recorded messages– automate the process of leaving voicemail messages by pre-recording your messages. While the system is leaving the message you can move on to the next call.

Common Industries and Applications for LeadMaster Voice

For more than two decades, LeadMaster has been providing businesses across a wide selection of industries with turnkey solutions for their voice CRM, lead management, email marketing, campaign management, marketing automation and more. After collaborating successfully with companies of all sizes — from SMB startups to large finance and insurance firms — we designed the fully customizable LeadMaster Voice all-in-one sales solution.

With its responsiveness, power and simplicity, LeadMaster Voice makes tailor-made cloud-based lead tracking a reality for the following industries and applications:

Mortgage lenders

LeadMaster’s automation helps with its mortgage predictive dialer function that saves time while increasing the likelihood of converting nurtured leads. Stop wasting time dialing numbers when our mortgage dialer can make it a one-click process.

Insurance companies

Organize, distribute and follow up on your leads with greater precision and accuracy. LeadMaster Voice offers incredible ROI while allowing you and your agents to define your product more quickly and turn your leads into sales.

Healthcare providers

Whether you’re a medical device manufacturer, an equipment supplier or a healthcare provider, you know the competitive nature of the industry. With LeadMaster Voice, you can count on your ability to make better sales and marketing decisions informed by real-time data.Educational institutions: Did you know you’re 20 times more likely to successfully follow up with a potential student in the first five minutes after initial contact than if you wait an hour? It’s statistics like these that make LeadMaster such a valuable tool for today’s colleges and universities.

Marketing firms

Bundle your most creative ideas with marketing automation tools — and define yourself as a cutting-edge agency that’s fully capable of tracking what’s most important to your campaigns and clients.

If you don’t see your industry listed, don’t worry. Our experienced team works with companies in industries ranging from real estate to manufacturing and many in between — and that means LeadMaster Voice is versatile enough to help you too.

Affordable and Hassle Free

Most call center CRM and lead management systems have lengthy contracts, or they charge large fees for software licenses and then make you pay even more for upgrades. The LeadMaster solution is based in the cloud so you don’t have to upgrade, and there are no large upfront costs. Plus with month-to-month billing and no contract, you can cancel at anytime. This makes LeadMaster affordable and hassle free and means you can get on with closing more sales and making more money.

The All-In-One Cloud-Based Call Center

  • Accessible from anywhere and at anytime
  • Easy to use
  • Quick to deploy and simple to learn
  • Powerful workflow automation and rules engine
  • Built-in lead management and distribution
  • Built-in lead nurturing and marketing automation
  • Built-in call center reporting tools
  • Sales lead analysis
  • Sales forecasting
  • Sales quota management

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