Unified ERP Software for Business

SuiteMaster is a fully-integrated business platform. Clients select from hundreds of core business applications – CRM, Accounting, Operations, Ecommerce, Marketing, Inventory, HR, and  many more.

SuiteMaster manages your company  as one centralized application.  Your teams can collaborate with all departments in the most efficient way possible.

Application Building Blocks

SuiteMaster’s designed to evolve with your business. It delivers enterprise-class applications at an affordable price point.

Smart architecture begins with a solid technical foundation.  SuiteMaster is based on high functionality that scales across multiple applications.  Software modules simply “snap” into place and can be quickly deployed.  It simplifies the task of expanding applications as you need them.


Scales to Business

Snap-on architecture.  Add and remove applications. Customize the software based on unique business requirements.

Cross-Industry/All Sizes

SuiteMaster scales for businesses of all sizes. Enterprise or growing startups can operate effectively with SuiteMaster.

3rd Party Integrations

SuiteMaster provides tools to integrate third-party software. Add your favorite platforms, including shopping carts and payment gateways.

Wide Spectrum of Apps

SuiteMaster provides  a multitude of business  applications.  It’s a collection of core modules like CRM, Sales, Marketing Automation, Accounting, Inventory, HRMS, etc.

Easily Customizable

Personalize based on unique requirements. Vertical applications include manufacturing, services, education, wholesale, retail, hospitals, insurance, and more.

Fully Branded Solution

Pre-built themes and templates are available to match your brand’s identity. Utilities provide multiple, user-friendly views like pivots, lists, and a graphic representation of data.

Continuously Updated / Enhanced

SuiteMaster is an evolving solution.  Planned releases feature improved usability and additional applications. We continuously review added functionality for our clients.

Client-Driven Roadmap 

SuiteMaster offers a library of business applications. The software utilizes a community-based methodology. Clients may contribute directly to our roadmap of enhancements. 

Certified Consultant Team

We partner closely with SuiteMaster’s  Authorized consultants.  Our network of consultants have direct access to our support team. This insures effective communications during implementations with minimal issues.

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