AppMaster – Build Apps Faster

No/Low-Code Development Platform

Create applications that simplify your work. Automate tedious tasks without writing a line of code. AppMaster leverages visual interfaces and tools to build and modify applications.

Even Simpler…

People with zero programming knowledge are empowered to create custom applications by clicking, not coding.

Benefits of a No/Low-Code Platform:

Companies accelerate app development 20 times faster & reduce project costs. They  reduce technical staff & maintenance.

Focus on core application development and leave hosting and security issues to us. Reduced costs allows you to expand to more junior and non-technical resources.

Design, Automate & Innovate

AppMaster, builds complete apps, portals, and automations. It’s perfect for
customer service, finance, human resources, and procurement departments. 

– AppMaster has drag-and-drop GUI & a large library of pre-built content.
  You can build production-ready applications, processes, and portals.

– Simplify integration of business data and processes across systems.
  AppMaster has hundreds of connectors & prebuilt integrations.

– Collaborate teams by integrating business and IT departments.
  Ensure a comprehensive and centralized solution.

 The future of software development is Low/No Code.  The market for rapid code development
  platforms is growing five times faster than IT can deliver. The majority of application development
  will be Low/No Code by 2024.




Faster Software/Application Delivery

A No/Low Code app builder allows you to create applications up to 20x faster and at a more cost-effective rate, without the need for specialized IT talent or equipment.

Skills/Talent Gap for Custom Development/IT

Business leaders say the lack of IT talent is their top challenge when building custom software and the demand for customer apps is growing.

Security and Compliance

The AppMaster Low/Lo Code app development platform comes with built-in security features and strict compliance standards, even for highly regulated industries.

Operational Success

AppMaster allows you to break down data silos and centralize multiple departmental systems and workflows under a single platform. Business users from different teams and locations can build, iterate, review and use apps based on their specific roles and permission levels


Visual Application Development

No limits on apps users or internal app developers

Enterprise-Ready Platform

Scalable cloud infrastructure running on AWS and SQL Server

Robust Automation Capabilities

Embed Applications seamlessly on any web property

Limitless Integration

Meet strict security and regulatory compliance requirements

Enterprise Security and Compliance

Extend apps using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and REST API