Top 10 Tips for Managing Sales Reps when They Work From Home

The Next Normal for Sales
What worked before doesn’t work now.

#1 – Have a standard call script – Get all your reps on the same page, so they deliver the same, consistent message to your customers and prospects.  Fill out the form to download the Call Script and Ten Tips Powerpoint or call 800-699-4164 x708 to speak with an expert.

#2 – Even superstars need coaching – Record reps’ calls and coach them to improve performance.

#3 – You can’t manage what you don’t measure – Compare reps’ performance – call lengths and number of calls are important data points that managers need when measuring performance.

#4 – Use dashboard charts – Sales Reports have become an essential tool that managers use to identify those reps that need more attention.

#5 – Why pay extra for virtual meetings – Use the Ooma Meetings feature in Ooma Office Pro to replace in-person meetings.

#6 – Automate wherever you can – Use the Quick Action features in LeadMaster CRM to log call dispositions and automate follow-ups.

#7 – Who doesn’t need a helping hand – Use Ooma Virtual Assistant so your reps never miss a call.

#8 – Reexamine business process – Having a CRM that mimics your company’s business processes or workflow helps to quickly bring your new employees up to speed.

#9 – Use the Desktop & Mobile Apps – Separate business calls from personal calls with the Ooma Desktop and Mobile Apps.

#10 – Maintain Customer Mindshare  – Use LeadMaster’s ‘Drip Marketing’ and Ooma Meetings to maintain mindshare.

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