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Powerful Enterprise Software
Now Available to All Companies

Not too long ago, fully functional business software for small to medium businesses was simply out of reach. The platforms were designed to streamline workflows and track customer journeys for large corporations while leaving most small businesses out of the equation.

Fortunately, things have changed. Affordable full-service business solutions are changing the way small to medium-sized businesses meet their customers’ needs.

Recent studies show businesses that use enterprise software experience sales increases of 29 percent over those that don’t. Ask yourself which side of that statistic you want to be on. You’ll be glad to know that LeadMaster Solutions Group offers fully integrated departmental applications for small and medium businesses.


Fully Integrated Business Software

Software that keeps ahead of the curve.

The use of outdated software can inhibit company growth, decision-making, and employee productivity. LeadMaster Solutions Group business software is designed to support your current company requirements. With hundreds of integrated application available, it can be easily expanded to handle future growth. We offer an ideal solution if your business is expanding, you need to upgrade or revamp a current processes, or simply want a better understanding of company performance.

Competition today is fierce.  Software innovations have helped companies gain a foothold in your industry. Fortunately, enterprise software is becoming more affordable, which allows you to deploy powerful business and marketing tools. 


Benefits of LeadMaster Solutions Group Software:


  • Success:  We’ll help you track leads and new orders, manage your call center operations, run operations, and manage customer support  teams.
  • Fast: LeadMaster’s consultants will get your company up and running quickly. Our team has deployed hundreds of customers since 1998. 
  • Training: Your teams will be trained by our software consultants and they will have direct access to our support organization.
  • Integration: Having to integrate multiple software programs can be a challenge. All of our software business applications are fully integrated. We also have integration options for thousands of third-party software.


    Better Control, Clearer Insights Into Your Business.

    Enterprise-wide organization

    The insights gained from having a comprehensive view of your business are like nothing you’ve had before. Stop juggling and get back to leading with LeadMaster.

    Sales strategies

    The intelligence you gain about the mindset of your customer is practically invaluable — and you’ll never want to execute another sales strategy without it.

    Customer management

    Your customer database is at the heart of your work.  SuiteMaster allows you to tap into this information, making every client communication a personalized interaction.

    Data collection and accessibility

    Company business data grows by the day.  Don’t gamble your business by trusting in-house systems that can fall prey to breakdowns, theft or malware. Using our business suite of applications, information is secure, and accessible.

    Financial reporting

    Our financial tools are designed for small to medium-sized businesses.  Profitability numbers are clearer and with time saved, you can get back to strategizing what impacts revenue, like shipping options, loyalty discounts and special product pricing.

    Metrics generation

    We offer robust, fully integrated business applications. They makes better use of understanding critical metrics. Without metrics, you can’t grasp the full picture.

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     Our business software for small and medium business allows you to do more without paying more.