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Having worked with more than five different databases in my career, I have found that LeadMaster matches or exceeds the efficiency of my previous experiences while meeting all the needs and demands of communicating with my prospective students in this day and age. From texting to email to phone calls, I have been able to create a comprehensive communication system using LeadMaster. 

LeadMaster also has allowed me to better manage the workflow in our office. My staff knows who they are responsible for recruiting, and what the exact procedure should be with each and every student. The system also allows us to essentially go paperless in our process, cutting back on all kinds of office missteps.

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We provide sales and marketing services to companies mainly in the technology sector.

The reason for going to the marketplace for new software as we were looking for a solution that could manage a number of pain points. These included

1. Managing marketing spend
2. ROI management
3. Measuring the effectiveness of multiagency and multitouch campaigns
4. True close loop reporting
5. The ability to manage a channel by using the functionality for updating leads and pipelines.
6. Making sure no lead was missed and was always allocated to someone for follow-up, whether from e-marketing, filling in a form on a website, or even a lead from a trade show.
7. Data management and data analysis
8. Linking marketing easily to lead generation

What we were finding was that because we worked with a number of agencies there were no standard ways of seeing trends or overall ROI. Measurement was purely at an individual activity level resulting in masses of spreadsheets or a huge professional services bill for updating a large system to have the functionality to meet our requirements.

We have been using LeadMaster for approximately 1 year. The system is very intuitive from an end-user perspective and very flexible and adaptable. There is plenty of training material available and the support is great. We have found that things that used to take 3 days now take three minutes. I could go on. Definitely worth taking on this program.

We provides a SaaS application for the salon and spa industry.  We had been using Salesforce for the past 3 years, but was looking for a system that would provide lead nurturing, workflow automation, and overall ease of use – functionality that was just not available within Salesforce without incurring a large, monthly fee.

We are utilizing LeadMaster’s Professional Edition, allowing us to take advantage of LeadMaster’s ease of use, built-in automation and workflow management, and eMarketing functionality. Because of this, we have tighter control of our sales process and thus, have increased our close rate significantly.

LeadMaster support has been outstanding, and we would recommend this solution to anyone.

In my career as a sales manager and business owner, I’ve worked with about a half dozen different CRM systems, including Salesforce. I’ve encountered resistance from sales reps that wanted to remain steadfast in their old habits, I’ve encountered CRM providers that aren’t as responsive “after” the sale, and I’ve had CRM systems that stalled progress and potential.

Just over one year ago I contacted a former colleague and asked if there was anything “fresh” in the CRM world. He pointed me to Leadmaster, claiming that his clients loved it and found it to be the most functional CRM they had ever used. After taking a tour of the website and experiencing a demo with Tony, I was fascinated and eager to put the application into use for one of my clients.

Well, I’ve now installed Leadmaster into three clients’ platforms – a medical device company, a dental manufacturer and a biometric company. The nurturing/drip marketing, the emal tools and the reports features are outstanding. More important, the sales reps that are introduced to Leadmaster immediately witness the benefits of the “marketing tools on steroids” and embrace the entire process. Eventually, the rep recognizes that having Leadmaster at their side is the equivalent of hiring the best personal assistant one could find.

Lastly, any CRM installation and build-out is going to require service. At Leadmaster I speak with the “exact” same customer service contact each and every time! They already understand my objectives, so I don’t have to start each service issue by offering an entire history.

I tend to judge things by measuring their ability to meet expectations. Leadmaster has exceeded every expectation I had, and erased some of the distaste I had from bad experiences with CRM providers in the past. Leadmaster – you restored my faith that YES, a business can truly deliver on its promises and make me a stronger company!

What Our Clients Say

Bethany Williams

LeadMaster offers an extensive CRM at an extraordinary cost. It enables our organization to oversee clients and leads proficiently. The deals and client administration support is awesome too.

Trevor Hunt

I like the customer service and assistance, our business model requires tracking numerous product lines and line items. The LeadMaster Solutions Group provides data arrangement in layers that is logical and simple to use.

David Specter

LeadMaster Solutions Group has helped us managing leads and online leads tracking. The best tool is its email marketing. It also tells about the emails that have been read. It facilitated us with importing data by customer. The reporting feature is also very effective and automated. This is a cost saving solution with excellent customer services.

Hanna Anderson

It enables our organization to oversee clients and leads proficiently. The deals and client administration support is awesome too.