The no-code/low-code development platform

No/Low-Code Development & Automation

No/Low-code development is a general term that includes low-code application development, process development solutions, and software development tools. Users can construct workflows and applications based on building blocks provided by AppMaster. These building blocks can assemble workflows and business apps without needing to write code by hand.

Today, businesses cannot afford to use programming languages and custom scripts to match the speed and agility of today’s applications. Developers rarely have experience with all the tools involved in an end-to-end process.

With AppMaster’s No/Low development tools, just about any member of your team can rapidly develop reliable, cross-platform business applications.

Advantages of No/Lo-Code Development Tools

No/Low-code development is a term given to a broad range of tools that can be used to develop anything from IT processes to business software. There are clear benefits of using the SuiteMaster development platform, including:

  • Easy API access and direct integration with existing systems
  • Easy drag-and-drop workflow design
  • QA and workflow testing

Our development tool offers monitoring, resource management, and advanced features that streamline the development process. No matter how you choose to deploy, as a development platform or as a more comprehensive enterprise solution, SuiteMaster offers many benefits to your organization.

  • Run More Efficiently.
    In addition to providing direct vendor integration, SuiteMaster is packaged as reusable building blocks. It enables a user to construct APIs, web services, and command lines. As a result, businesses can integrate and deploy new tools and technologies in less time, keeping up with the latest automation trends and consumer preferences.
  • Reduced Software Costs
    Software purchases are traditionally faster than building in-house solutions. SuiteMaster’s low-code development model changes this dynamic. By using the platform, users can quickly code without having to purchase new tools. Instead of wasting days or weeks on research, writing, and testing new scripts, applications can be developed with far fewer resources in a much shorter amount of time.
  • Automate More with Less Effort.
    AppMaster can help increase the speed and efficiency of automating tasks and end-to-end processes. Workflow automation can be set up based on business events. Templates allow you to easily build new processes, simplifying data management across platforms. Prebuilt integrations and APIs make it possible to automate virtually any digital business process.
  • Faster Software Revisions
    As businesses grow, their requirements change. In order to help developers meet these needs, AppMaster can provide tools that help them quickly edit and enhance existing work. Also, providing revision histories allow development work to be quickly reversed if necessary. Finally, processes can also be tested before they’re put into production ensuring greater success.Boost In Productivity
  • Organizations can accomplish more in less time by streamlining the development processes and utilizing automation. SuiteMaster’s No/Low-Code application includes several utilities that simplify the ongoing development and enhancement process.

    Is Low-Code the Future?

    Absolutely. After all, abstraction is at the core of modern computing. A binary is abstracted into a language, a language is abstracted into an operating system, then finally into a GUI. Low-code solutions abstract from the code that connects operating systems, databases, and enterprise applications. The need for abstracting full application integrations will only increase as IT environments become more complex.
    Back in 2016, Forrester estimated a market of $2 billion for low-code development. Today’s marketing is expected to grow to $22 billion by the end of 2022. According to a recent report, 75% of large enterprises plan to use low-code development tools for both IT application development and end-user engagement initiatives by 2024.
    As markets rapidly change and customer expectations increase, companies are adopting new technologies more rapidly. Business owners are pushing their IT system managers to lead digital transformation initiatives focused on providing real-time data to end-users. SuiteMaster is a leading technology that will allow organizations of all sizes to quickly develop, orchestrate, and iterate on processes and applications in order to meet these needs.

    Low-Code vs. No-Code

    AppMaster bundles both No-code and low-code capabilities on the same platform. An example of a low-code automation solution is providing the tools and integrations needed to design a process without having to write a custom script (no-code). That same solution can also provide a scripting environment and make it easy to integrate new or existing code (low-code).
    There is a real difference between low-code and no-code platforms based on their intended audience. Is the platform designed for non-technical personnel, or is it meant for development staffers?
    The AppMaster platform provides prebuilt actions. It is extremely useful for both technical and non-technical teams that need a process or application developed.  Due to the increasing demand for custom applications no/low-code platforms are rapidly finding their way into the marketplace.


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