LeadMaster CRM

Powerful, Intuitive, Customizable,

LeadMaster CRM is a radically simple All-In-One sales, marketing automation, and help desk solution.

Our system extends advanced CRM capabilities out to small, medium, and large organizations. It’s adaptable across all business sectors, and can be quickly configured to your requirements. Say goodbye to long and expensive implementations!

Specific features within our CRM can be enabled or disabled. Use components of the system you need now and add more in the future. Keep it simple for individuals that use the system.


Why LeadMaster CRM?

LeadMaster CRM combines sales, marketing automation, business workflows, scheduling, and customer support into a unified platform.

Team members streamline their work through automated business rules.  With advanced customization, you can easily mold LeadMaster to meet your specific business requirements. Get creative and make our CRM work in a way that makes sense for your organization.



LeadMaster CRM – Business Platform Basics


Pay monthly for what you need.  No long-term contract.


Radically simple interface. Fast User adoption.


Integrate applications – QuickBooks, WooCommerce, VoIP phones, Zapier, and more.


Sensitive information is safe.
(Yes, we are HIPPA Compliant!)

LeadMaster Advantages

We’ve created a system that’s packed full of customizable features, it provides you and your team the freedom to work anywhere and implementations are usually completed within a few days.

Key features of the LeadMaster CRM Platform include:


Capture, assign, track, qualify and nurture your sales leads with power and convenience.  Measure marketing campaign performance in real-time.


Manage contacts from prospects all the way to customers. Make use of emarketing, lead nurturing, and surveys, 


Support sales & marketing campaigns with high-quality, data-driven reports. LeadMaster CRM solution offers a slew of analyses.


Streamline marketing and sales using powerful automation workflow. Our  rules-based engine ensure work does not fall through the cracks.


LeadMaster is built with flexible user hierarchy and security templates. Customers can enable and disable these control features as needed.


Customer Relationship Management

CRM Success = Fast Learning Curve, Customizable, All-in-1, Flexible, Feature-Rich.

Lead Management

Know what’s happening with your sales leads & auto-assign / respond / notify.

Pipeline Management

Advanced opportunity and pipeline management software for accurate reporting.


Help Desk & Case Management

Combines your CRM and your Help Desk into a single integrated solution.

Call Centers & Inside Sales Teams

Complete solutions for call centers & inside sales teams

Marketing Automation

Hundreds of integrations via Zapier & PieSync plus custom integrations.