SuiteMaster – Marketing Automation

Marketing & Social Media

SuiteMaster’s marketing automation module streamlines top-of-the-funnel prospecting using lead scoring & workflow automaton. It helps to measure ROI on your marketing spend and assists companies increase operational efficiency. 

People, processes, and technology alignment are common challenges within marketing and sales departments. By integrating marketing and sales applications into one, the problem can be solved. 

SuiteMaster’s marketing automation includes:

-Scoring and nurturing leads

-Measurement of return on investment (ROI)
-Upsells and cross-sells
-Lowering customer churn
-Generating leads
-Identifying segments
-ABM (Account-Based Marketing)
-Relationship based marketing 
-Social Media, including automated posts to social websites

Smart Marketing is Driven
by Smart Data

– Achieve higher lead quality & quantity (Better leads & higher volumes drives  revenue)

– Increase the conversion rate & overall velocity of your funnel. (Convert more leads into wins)

– Give sales a competitive edge ( Targeted prospects  & customer intelligence results in more customers) 

–  Ensure the buyer experience is excellent (Well-organized, customer reviews earns engagement & trust of your buyers)

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