healthcareHealthcare lead nurturing is a vital aspect of marketing health services through digital channels. Independent physicians, hospitals and healthcare product manufacturers need to master the art of healthcare lead management to enjoy higher returns on their marketing investment.

Nurturing leads with effective healthcare data management helps optimize client engagement, build long-term relationships and increase customer loyalty. It can also increase the number of qualified leads and help reduce the cost of marketing to them.

Here are some tips for nurturing healthcare sales leads that’ll draw prospects progressively through your buyer cycle or sales funnel.

Nurture Prospects From the Foundation

Prospects who don’t convert quickly or make contact for urgent medical attention need to be nurtured to draw them into the sales funnel. Use automated email marketing to bring the lead into the healthcare system. Send 10 branded emails (about two per month). The emails will help keep the health service you offer in the mind of the prospect.

The goal is for prospects to share with the salesperson their symptoms, concerns and need for diagnosis and treatment. Then, they can be referred to a physician for tests and diagnosis. If the prospect drops off and stops responding to emails or no longer visits the website to download materials, a different tactic may be employed.

When prospects suddenly drop out of regular communication, it may be because they’re feeling some relief from their pain or symptoms. At this point, you need to send a series of emails to invite the prospect to a seminar. Give the prospect a few calls and emails to encourage them to schedule an appointment to see a specialist.

Provide Consistent Messaging in the Next Pre-clinical Stage

After the prospect books an appointment or orders services, it’s important to provide consistent messaging and communication. The marketing department must not completely abandon the patient at this stage. The prospect should continue to receive motivational messages that’ll help overcome initial objections and obstacles related to the price and time required for treatment.

Send reminders of events, registration and appointment. Provide educational and informational content (e.g. “7 Important Things to Do Before Coming to the Hospital”). Also, provide pre-operational instructions. Finally, send as many messages as possible that lead to a final clinical conversion.

Send Messages That’ll Enhance Customer Retention

After the patient has been treated, you need to continue communicating with him or her to ensure long-term customer retention. Send educational material to enhance long-term engagement. Depending on the type of treatment or surgery the patient had, you can determine other lines of treatment to provide educational materials for. Give the patient reasons to request additional services and refer family members and friends to the health facility.

Lead nurturing in healthcare is easier and more efficient when you have the right marketing tools.

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